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Past Derby Queens
1957 Jackie Love 1958 Pat Travis 1959 Martha Layne Hall (future Governor Collins) 1960 Lillian Campbell 1961 Dillard Marr 1962 Jane Helm 1963 Judy Roach 1964 Trudie Musson 1965 Jennifer Burcham 1966 Lynne Girdler 1967 Julie Short 1968 Lynn Morris Haymond 1969 Melinda Milliken 1970 Starr Sprigg 1971 Jennifer Lynn Storm 1972 Gail Gorski 1973 Julie Williams 1974 Marion R. McCord 1975 Annette Grundy 1976 Kathy Carpenter 1977 Robin Marie Clore 1978 Elizabeth Page Penna 1979 Ronda Marie Hartlage 1980 Holly Wright 1981 Gwen Francis Hettinger 1982 Mia Todd 1983 Lala Michele Thomas 1984 Jessica Elizabeth Thomas 1985 Peggy Barton 1986 Kristen Zapata 1987 Jennifer Lynn Stratton 1988 Christina Lynn Levy 1989 Margaret McGaw 1990 Heather Marie Peet 1991 Kristi Wright 1992 Michelle Gaines 1993 Preethi Anathakrishnan 1994 Melissa Purvis 1995 Tara Lutz 1996 Charliese Brown 1997 Leslie Ann Corbett 1998 Natalie Ann Hallal 1999 Michelle Elaine Ackerman 2000 Kerri Richardson 2001 Anne Marie Abell 2002 Caryn Rae Willian 2003 Rebecca DeSensi 2004 Maria Maldonado 2005 Brittany Diane Carpenter 2006 Patti Jo Grice 2007 Charlee Doom 2008 Taléa Renee Drummer 2009 Harini Chenna 2010 Megan Imel 2011 Trisha Maclin 2012 Kaelyn Gault 2013 Cameryn Jones 2014 Julia Springate 2015 Briana Lathon 2016 Madison Orman 2017 Natalie Brown 2018 Tara Dunaway 2019 Brittany Patillo
Giavanna (Gia)Combs
Louisville, KY
Gia, 21-years-old, is a senior at the University of Louisville major- ing in Psychology with a minor in Pan-African Studies. She is the Vice President of the Caring Of New students Experiencing College Transition (CONECT) Peer Mentoring Program, a Woodford R. Porter Scholar, and a Denny Crum Scholar. She is a member and the Secretary of the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. She also participated in the medical companion program with the Louisville VA Medical Center,
and worked with Global Game Changers Student Empowerment Program.
Louisville, KY
Molly, 22-years-old, is a graduate of Bellarmine University and the Department of Communications Faculty Merit Award winner. Be- fore completing her journalism internship abroad in Shanghai, China, she was a public affairs intern for the Kentucky Associa- tion of Counties. Molly is also a Bellarmine University Women’s Council Scholar, member of Phi Mu Sorority, former WHAS11 News intern, active volunteer at the Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM), and currently an on-air reporter for WMAZ.
Hannah Maria Edelen
Springfield, KY
Hannah, 22-years-old, is an Honors graduate of Northern Kentucky University and currently a graduate student at UK work- ing on her Masters in Education and Policy. She was the 2018- 2019 Student Body President, served as a Henry Clay Scholar on Capitol Hill and as the NKU Inaugural Presidential Fellow. She was a Paul Sipes Award winner and the received the Outstand- ing Senior Award in Communica- tions. Hannah is a first-gener- ation college student, member of Kappa Delta Sorority, a Teach for America Corp member, and supports her personal initia-
tive “Read Ready Kentucky”. Currently teaching 6th grade Social Studies at Holmes Middle School.
Leah Hazelwood
Lebanon, KY
Leah, 20-years-old, is a junior at the University of Louisville dual majoring in Political Science and Liberal Studies with concentrations in Race & Gender Studies, Global Public Health, and Economics. She is a McConnell Scholar, a Harvard Kennedy Public Policy Leader- ship Scholar, the College of Arts and Sciences Vice President, a member of Chi Omega Sorority, is a “children’s advocate” for the Center for Women and Families, and was featured on the July 2020 cover of Today’s Woman for her advocacy of young black women.
Hannah Robb
Louisville, KY
Hannah, 21-years-old, is a senior at Bellarmine University studying Business Administration and Marketing. She is a first- generation college student and business woman. She is a 2020 Bell Award recipient, a Bellarmine Professional Excellence Award recipient, and helped to raise over 6,000 toys from the Miss Toys for Tots Pageant as
Pageant Director.
Molly Jett

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