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a Tea Party
Grace Davis, Susan Moore, Abby Yarberry
Bear friend attendingTea
Children love a tea party. Whether planning a tea party for 4 or 400, here are some tips from The Fillies®, the experts who have planned The Children’s Tea® for over 300 people each year since 2007. The Fillies® are the Kentucky Derby Festival’s largest volunteer group.
First, choose a theme for your party. Not feeling creative? Pinterest can help to spark your creative side. Once you have a theme, create some simple decorations and invitations around that theme. Serving guests on some pretty dishes and teacups helps set the mood. Let the children dress up in their party clothes to make them feel special. Selecting food for the children will likely be different than the menu served at a formal tea for adults. The teacups might contain lemonade if the children don’t like tea. The food should be kid-friendly finger food. Using a cookie cutter, sandwiches could be cut into fun shapes and celery could be stuffed with peanut butter topped with raisins. Children are not going to sit still for very long so take some pictures and supervise a simple craft to keep them entertained during the party. A craft project will give the children a favor to keep from a fun afternoon.
The Children’s Tea® 2021 has been postponed until 2022 because of Covid-19 concerns. The Children’s Tea® is traditionally held on the Sunday before Derby and is a fun event produced by The Fillies, Inc. Children arrive dressed in their festive clothing accompanied by a parent or other adult. Some past themes for the Tea have been The Royal Tea, The Madhatter’s Tea, Fairies in the Garden, and The “Beary” Special Tea. One unique feature of this tea is the appearance of the Derby
for Children
By: Paula Bishop
Queen® and Derby Princesses® who visit and provide photo opportunities for the children. Each child can participate in a craft project, get a little “glam,” plus have instruction on etiquette and walking the runway. Next, the group assembles in the magical ballroom for a short performance, from the River City Ballet or other talented group, followed by lunch with “tea.” Each child will then be invited to don their tiara or crown and walk the runway like a princess or prince in the ballroom.
The Fillies® and the Derby Princesses® will create a day to remember for children attending the Tea. Watch for ticket announcements in spring 2022 for The Children’s Tea®. Sponsors for The Children’s Tea® 2022 are Bigelow Tea; Joyce Meyer, Lisa Stemler and UBS; Julie Hinson; LL&A Interior Design; Wesbanco; German American Bank; and RE/MAX Pat Harrison Enterprises, plus other sponsors to join this fun event.
“Yes, many princesses do wear beautiful dresses and jewels, go to balls, and marry princes. But being a true princess is so much more. It is about being the best person you can be. It is about treating all living creatures with kindness and generosity and about accepting people for who they are instead of wishing they were different. And most of all, it is about believing in yourself and in your dreams.” Inspiration from Pat Harrison, Tea chairperson 2021, and her book, A Princess Primer, A Fairy Godmother’s Guide to Being
a Princess.
Tinsley Meyer, "Madhatter" Cindy Philpott
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