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with JCPS
By:Ariana Tulay
What do we want? "Justice!" When do we want it? "Now!"
“In a city that has been placed on the world stage for injustice, initiatives and movements like Justice Now are necessary. Having teachers teach about activism, justice, and racial equity is what is happening thanks to Justice Now and our partners.” - Dr Marshall, Chief Equity Officer of JCPS
This powerful, urgent chant is the mantra of Justice Now: a revolutionary learning hub where students 3rd - 12th grade learn personal, social, and political agency through project-based learning that addresses systemic injustices within Louisville. Justice Now creates safe spaces where students work toward greater equity for themselves and their community through projects such as an animated docuseries on intersectional justice issues, radio plays that address the history of POC and minority experiences within Louisville, and creating a children’s book focused on Louisville justice ancestors. In addition to these projects, Justice Now connects students with prominent community members who lead justice movements in Louisville and beyond with weekly “Justice Talks”. Writer and activist Hannah Drake, the founder of La Casita Center Karina Barillas,

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