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In January 1959, thirteen women accepted the challenge of the newly formed Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF) to host a lavish ball culminating with the
crowning of a Queen. This is how The Fillies, Inc.® began as a fundraising arm of the Kentucky Derby Festival. Countless generations of women have dedicated their time and talent to serving as Fillies and contributing to the glamour and world renowned appeal of the Kentucky Derby Festival. The Fillies® and KDF have had a profound impact on my family. As the 61st President of The Fillies it is my great honor to represent this wonderful organization, but our family legacy with the Fillies® began many years before.
THE FILLIES®A Legacy That Lives On By: Susan Meyer Moore, Fillies President
In 1980, my mother, Mary Lou Meyer, joined The Fillies® with her best friend Betty Schneider. Together they dedicated many years of service and leadership developing the organization. I remember so many amazing experiences over the years. While serving as Vice-President in charge of the Royal Court, she accompanied the princesses to all royal engagements and they had their picture taken with then President George W. Bush. As Chair of the Derby Ball she recreated the times of Caesar and Cleopatra for a truly royal affair entertaining local and national dignitaries and celebrities. I remember seeing her in her official festival jacket on her way to have lunch at the Governor’s mansion to kick off the Derby season. As a member, she was able to	the group for you! Join us in our legacy of service and fun – and bring nominate her granddaughter, and my daughter, to serve as hand-
And just as my mother inspired me to join all those years ago, as I became President my own daughter was inspired to continue our legacy in The Fillies®. She joined while pregnant with my granddaughter who we fondly have dubbed an honorary Fillie until she can join.
This is just one example of the multi-generational impact The Fillies® and KDF has had in our community. So, if you are a civic-minded woman who wants to have fun and expand her social, charitable footprint while supporting the Kentucky Derby Festival – the Fillies® is
maiden to the royal court; it was truly a joy to see my daughter riding on The Fillies’ float down Broadway! Seeing my mother, participating in and organizing such spectacular events while giving back to our community inspired me to join this wonderful organization in 1995. She was also elected to serve as the Fillies President that same year!
Upon joining The Fillies®, I jumped right into volunteering, meeting amazing women who shared a love and commitment to fun and our community. As a full-time teacher and mother, I was able to engage my students and my daughter in the fun of the festival. We wrote thank you notes to Mike Berry many years, thanking him for putting on such a phenomenal festival. I chaired the Children’s Tea® and we were the first year to have an Official KDF Festival Pin to recognize the event. As Chair of our Fillies Derby Ball® in 2017, we raised a record amount of money for the Festival Foundation. As president, I have welcomed a record number of provisionals (new members) to our organization. My goals as president have included inclusion of all members, thinking outside the box for new initiatives to keep us relevant to the community, and bringing enthusiasm and fun to all that we do!
your daughters along with you!!
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