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So when you spend $1 on a Kentucky Lottery ticket, where’s that money go?
The majority of the dollar – 66 cents – goes right back to players in the form of prizes. Since 1989, more than $13,900,000,000 in prizes have been paid.
have received a lottery-funded college scholarship or grant since FY99. That’s one in five Kentuckians who have received- help from one of our programs. The awards are distributed by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA).
Lottery revenue funds the need-based College Access Program (CAP) and Kentucky Tuition Grants (KTG), along with the popu- lar Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) program.
In fact, 98 cents of every non-loan student aid dollar awarded by the Commonwealth comes straight from the sales of lottery tickets. And the results are tangible – according to KHEAA, data from the KEES program indicates more of Kentucky's best and brightest students are staying in Kentucky to attend college.
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MY	About five cents goes to the administration of the games so
tickets can be printed and the like, while another six cents goes to retailers across the Commonwealth in the form of commis- sions for selling our tickets.
So that leaves almost 23 cents from the dollar to go to one of the Kentucky Lottery’s crowning achievement – funding college scholarships and grants for our state’s best, brightest and most-deserving students.
And since 1999, we’ve provided more than $3,800,000,000 to help them pursue their dreams of higher education.
All told, more than 820,000 students across the Commonwealth
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