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be cutting it up and completely altering the way it will be viewed.”
He is always looking for new ways of working with materials and combining painting and collage aspects often using recycled materials combined with new painted stock.
Most of Perez’ artwork is executed with collage and acrylic paint along with other mixed media. His work has been featured in publications, galleries, and commercials across the U.S. and internationally. One of the highlights in Perez’ art career is a portrait he created of Colonel Sanders which was featured in a French KFC commercial.
Being chosen the 2021 Kentucky Derby Festival poster artist was a full circle moment for Perez who recalls having very fond memo- ries of admiring Festival artwork over the years. Looking back to a time he was in third grade and he desperately wanted and eventually got the 1991 Festival poster t-shirt. “I proudly wore that shirt to watch the Pegasus Parade that year.”
Perez’ collage technique and ability to repurpose previously printed material gave him a unique opportunity this year. He incorporated small pieces from nine previous Festival posters into each of his two 2021 designs. The pieces are subtle and are scattered throughout the designs, a nod to the past forty years of the Derby Festival’s poster series.
The Official poster featuring a bold, colorful Pegasus is entitled, “Going Up” and the Limited Edition, signed and numbered titled, “Looking Up”, featuring a Kentucky Derby Festival banner in tow over a Louisville skyline and bridge.
“Sprinkled throughout the 2021 designs are pieces from previous Derby Festival posters, to honor and celebrate traditions of the past as we create something new for the future.”
Perez’ passion for art started at a young age and runs in the family. One of his most vivid memories was happenstance on a snowy day at home. A 12-year-old Perez was looking for something to do. He borrowed his mom’s acrylic paints and painted a pig-shaped cutting board, and the rest, as they say, is history. “When it was finished, I knew I wanted to be an artist.”
Perez’ artistic path continued to be inspired by other artists in his family. He remembers seeing an easel with an in-progress artwork at his grandmother’s home. She painted landscapes as a hobby. His extended family member, Rosamond O’Bannon Sample,
also influenced his current artistic style. Sample was known for her award-winning white-on-white paper collages which Perez admired hanging on walls of their home.
While in college at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Andy began experimenting with collage work. He worked to perfect his craft, trying different ways to create through collage and eventually leading him to his artwork style of today. His career as a visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer, took him to San Antonio and Nashville, before moving back home to the Louisville area with his wife, daughter, and the family’s Boston Terrier.
Perez begins each artwork by creating colorful abstract textures on paper. “I love the freedom of painting on paper knowing that I will
Now a unique symbol of Spring in the community, the Festival’s Official Poster series began in 1981 with a piece created by artist Peter Max called “Bluegrass Pegasus”, a geographical and stylistic mix of artists have been showcased throughout the years. Past posters hang on walls of businesses and homes throughout the city and beyond. To see the complete collection or purchase one of Perez’ designs, visit
Follow Perez online at, as well as @andyperezart on Facebook and Instagram, as well as @andyperez on Twitter.

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