Jesse’s Journey: Getting Back In The Swing Of Things

Jesse Blog

Going into the holidays I was in a fairly good routine of running. I had gotten side-tracked a bit before Thanksgiving and starting up again afterwards was HARD. First, I wasn’t prepared for cold weather running. I didn’t have the correct articles of clothing and I don’t think I was mentally prepared. I sought out some advice from all the runners I know and bought some runner’s tights and some long sleeve shirts that managed to help a lot.

Things were going well and then I hit my next wall, sickness. I was sick for the entire month of December with everything from a sinus infection, to bronchitis, and back to pneumonia, so running wasn’t very high on my priority list. Now that the polar vortex has left I am getting out and trying to get mileage in, but all the starting and stopping has made training difficult. Honestly, I find myself getting discouraged sometimes but I have a great support around me including some very thoughtful listeners who have been very encouraging of my efforts.


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